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Monday, October 25, 2021

The Blakely Saga and Corruption in General

 The Blakely Saga just keeps going and going and going.  Many of the previous sheriffs just can't understand what they did wrong.  How did things go so badly for them?  Can we all say corruption?  I really don't get the concept that public officials think they are immune from the laws that were established to run our country?

It is actually caused by our brain's hard wiring.  So why does it appear to affect politicians and other elected officials so badly?  Greed maybe?  

It starts at the highest level and trickles down.  Corruption in our United States is worse than it's ever been.  

We are at a point that we expect corruption.  We set back and do nothing because there seems to be nothing we can do.  There is always something we can do.  In some cases, we may have to wait four years for our next vote to count, while other elections can be changed every two years.  Our vote counts and in many cases that is all we can do.

Not all politicians are corrupt but a lot are.  

Corruption is bad and a lot of time the people in positions of power do not care much for those that report it.  On this blog, we did not lie.  Like us or leave us the truth was told.  Was the blog sometimes harsh?  You bet it was.  Many folks seemed to be enamored with corruption while others did what they could to stop it. 

I stepped away from the blog for a while but I am still as steadfast in my role now as I ever was.  


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