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Monday, January 18, 2021

Sad State of Affairs

 Folks, our country is in peril.  It doesn't matter what your political affiliation is.  We are in for some hard times.  All we can do is stand back and see what happens next.  I fear that the American citizens will feel the impact far worse than those who we sent to the office to represent us.  

At my age, I would never dream that I would see things happen in our country that I have seen over the past several weeks.

We should not do anything foolish such as storming the Capital, burning buildings or inciting violence,  Those who lie, cheat, and steal will show their true colors eventually.  Sometimes such as these where there isn't a damn thing we can do, sit back and watch the fireworks and what is done to destroy our civil rights, open borders, and disband law enforcement.  Why sit back?  What are your options?

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Anonymous said...

Why did you remove your blogs about Judge Jennifer Howell? By doing so, it appears as though you are protecting her corruption? "Birds of a feather"...