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Thursday, September 17, 2020

Contempt of Court - Fair and Equal Treatment for All

 I'm still reading and what I find is incredulous.  So! contempt of court along with many other charges against Donly abound.  What does a guy do?  Donly and his family especially one in particular have suffered serious Civil rights issues and more?  Why does one person gets arrested and jailed while the other little piggy goes wee wee wee all the way home?  Sometimes it isn't what you know but who you know.  

The more documents we read the crazier this thing gets.  I read documents from another agency on this issue and I just want to ask them if they have lost their minds.  Safety and security are of utmost concern.  There are grave concerns that need to be addressed.  

From what I read this case is 50 50 but it sure as hell isn't being treated as 50 50.  Chief, it sounds like the good ole boy network and the information you may have refused to look at has fallen right at your feet.  If I am wrong about what is going on with Donly I will apologize to every elected official in Cullman County.

The Chief told me recently that he stands by his officers.  Folks, I didn't say anything about the officers.  What I am saying is that poop rolls downhill.  The issue as a rule starts at the top.  Our county was built on trust.  We trust that our government operates in an honest order fashion with justice for all.  We are the people.  We trust you to treat us equally within the color of law.  We do not accept the good ole boy network in our system.

As we have already harped on most officials do the right thing so we will leave that alone. A few bad apples are all it takes to rot the entire lot.  There are also frivolous lawsuits.  I have seen the evidence in these cases.  It is outrageous the stories some people make up in their minds.  Even when there is evidence that shows the truth.  We can only hope that the courts throw out the BS lawsuits and fine the people who file them.

Please forgive the typos.  It has been a long week as we have more damage on some of our property in Florida.  We are juggling a lot of fires but Donly and his issues along with others concerned in this issue need a voice.


Anonymous said...

This makes me so angry, nothing about this follows what America is supposed to stand for. Nothing about this is Justice for ALL. Please get these people out of office Whistle Blower. Please expose the corruption once and for all.

Anonymous said...

How many people have experienced this same cycle and had their lives destroyed? Hopefully this will encourage others to also come forward.

I cant believe this is an isolated case. For all the documentation to fall on deaf ears. Seems like a well entrenched cycle for abuse of power.

Jeremy Cummings said...

Has anyone figured out what Facebook's problem is with the Whistleblower? How can we get them to stop calling this blog "spam"?

Anonymous said...

Someone(s) have effective muzzled the link. By reporting the link to fb as offensive.

Someone(s) must be very worried about how many people see this blog. Just more manipulation of information and data, so illegal and/or abuse of power remains cloaked.

Anonymous said...

Local ne2s organizations know about this blog.

So my question is why have they not pick up this story. Even with current news cycle events, so much abuse of power right on their doorstep.

Seems like the judicial system and the news systems are turning a blind eye.

This type of judicial misconduct does not happen in a vacuum.

Where are all the voices for civil liberties and rights.

The issue stopped being about childrens rigbts or a nasty divorce. Seems lime at this point its about covering up what happens when "personal favors/opinions lead to favors. Now those favors have to be covered up. The mud pile has covered and/or spattered most of that local judicial system.

So its now about ego but more about CYA and not bankrupting a city/county being accountable.

I would also think if I had been an elected official for 30 plus years. I would be afraid what this mess would do to my retirement and legacy.

Anonymous said...

If people do their research, they’ll find out that Alabama is one of the most corrupt states in the country! Throughout the decades, it’s managed to always show up in the top ten of being one of the most corrupt states!

I grew up in Cullman County and I'm well aware of how the Cullman County court systems, police departments, and DHR immorally operates.

There must be a reason why attorneys from other counties refuse to accept cases in Cullman. Could it be that the court system doesn’t take too kindly to “outsiders”? It seems as though that they like to keep their legal representation local.
Why do you think that is?

Could Cullman’s “Good Ole Boys Club” be corruptly working together to “double dip”? Could they intentionally be throwing cases for their “piece of the pie”? If so, that means that they are not only getting paid by their client who believes that they have their best interest at heart, but also getting paid by the opposing party for throwing the case. Could the judges possibly be in on it too?

After everything that I’ve personally witnessed, read online, and heard from other victims who were subjected Cullman’s corruption… anything is possible.

Anonymous said...

Just to give you an idea, here's a short incomplete list of some reported corruption in Cullman:
1. Zeb Little- Former Alabama senator and Cullman attorney Zeb Little pleads guilty to stealing from legal clients.

2. Chaney retired recently as investigators accused him of wrongly sending $105,000 in court-appointed legal work to his attorney son, Alex Chaney, from 2015 through 2017. Chaney also was accused of wrongly ruling in cases involving his son. It's worth noting that Chaney continued to serve on the bench for three years AFTER being accused.
Judge Chaney also got off with just a slap on the back of the hands! NOT surprising…

3. On September 13, 2018, a federal judge ruled Alabama's bail system discriminatory under the premise that jailing people who cannot afford bail is unconstitutional. These Cullman judges INTENTIONALLY set the bail too high.

Anonymous said...

4. How many Cullman Law Enforcement Officers, attorneys, and government public officials/employees have been accused of accepting bribes, mismanaging/stealing funds, or corruptly interfering with investigations? There have also been countless complaints from Cullman County citizens about how these public officials/employees have accepted money or other kickbacks to erase arrest records, deny protection orders, corrupt crime scene investigations etc. (I wonder how many complaints were ignored by the police department before something was actually done?) (I hate that he lost his life. Killing attorneys or judges who wrongfully accuse or convict is NEVER the answer. It’s claimed that the murderer had mental issues. Unfortunately, if this man was indeed wrongfully accused/convicted of a crime that he didn’t commit, I can see how it could lead to mental issues or worsen pre-existing mental issues.) (The article stated that Sheriff Gentry said that he does not believe someone from Cullman is dispersing the literature. Really Mr. Gentry?)
Cullman is well-known for its VERY long history of racism and its KKK. Does anyone remember the little black boy from Childhaven Orphanage who was the first black child to attend school in Cullman? I do! His name was Virgil Threatt. The KKK protested and lined the doors of East Elementary. Strange how you can’t pull up any online archives about it and what that poor child went through. I failed to mention that this happened in the early 80’s not the 50’s. What about the cross burnings and signs posted in Cullman warning black people not to enter Mr. Gentry?

Anonymous said...

If you have deep pockets you can buy your way out of anything!

Dr. Gregory Windham was arrested by the Cullman Police Department for a DUI. His arrest made The Cullman Times the next day.
Dr. Windham was held overnight in jail at the police station. He left the “drunk tank” the next morning and drove straight to the hospital, took a shower in the doctor’s locker room, put on hospital scrubs, and performed surgeries that were scheduled for him early that morning. A family member just so happened to be reading The Cullman Times in the waiting room, while Dr. Windham was performing surgery on their loved one back in the OR. After reading the article in the Cullman Times, the family member was LIVID (openly pitched a fit in the waiting room) about how he was operating after being in the drunk tank all night.
It’s alleged that Dr. Windham paid the Cullman Police Department a very hefty fee to erase his arrest record so that he didn’t have to submit his DUI to the medical board. It was rumored that he even admitted paying off the police department to get rid of his arrest record after a nurse was talking about getting out of a speeding ticket that she received because her husband had a friend who was a police officer. After the hospital incident with the LIVID family, The Cullman Times news article was soon erased from reading it online. Apparently, ANYONE can be bought off in Cullman!
In the police report, it was documented that he refused a sobriety test, cussed out, and verbally threatened the arresting police officers. It was even documented that Dr. Windham mentioned that they (arresting officers) better hope that they didn’t end up in the ER if they were ever injured (basically alluding to how he’d let them suffer or die).
Even though his police report may have “disappeared” from the police department, there’s still a copy that’s been placed in safe hands. 😉

5. It was also rumored that a former employee who worked for Dr. Windham at Surgical Arts, P.C. confided in a friend about some illegal issues that were transpiring at the facility. She told her friend that she planned on meeting with Dr. Windham’s wife to make her aware of what all had been transpiring. It was the last time that she would hear from her friend because she was found dead with a bullet to the back of the head. She told me that her death was somehow ruled a “suicide”.

Anonymous said...

1. The Surgery Center of Cullman (in which Dr. Windham was CEO of at the time and one of the largest SCC stockholders in) was found guilty of sexual harassment. Dr. Windham was well aware of the traumatizing work environment that employees were subjected to. The doctors who worked there owned 75% of the facility, while SCA owned a mere 25%. Therefore, they ran that surgery center like a frat house. They did as they pleased because they didn’t have to answer to anyone, but themselves. I personally believe that their harassment, threats, and assaults were intentionally “over the top” so that nobody would actually believe that it happened. Dr. Windham ignored employee complaints and covered for Dr. Kevin Johnson.

2. Prior to the above Surgery Center of Cullman lawsuit, it is rumored that a former SCC employee alleged that she had proof of countless cases of Medicaid fraud that transpired at the facility. While she was still employed at the center, she met with Rusty Turner (who was a Cullman attorney at the time. He’s now a district judge in Cullman) to review her allegations of a harassment, hostile work environment, and evidence of Medicaid fraud. The former employee told a friend that she was devastated by Mr. Turner’s response. She claimed that he told her that he couldn’t take her case on because of who all was involved in it and didn’t know of ANY attorney in Cullman who would accept her case. She also alleged that he warned her that if she decided to seek legal counsel outside of Cullman, that the Cullman court system “didn’t take too kindly to outsiders”. Shortly after her meeting with Mr. Turner, she alleged that the hostile work environment worsened for her. The poor lady feared for her safety, felt as though she was fighting a losing battle, quit her job, and gave up legal pursuit.

Why on earth would Cullman County’s law enforcement need $5.8M in military equipment whenever the population and crime rates didn’t support it? Do your research and connect the dots folks…

This article is insulting and laughable at the same time. Sure they received a clean audit… 😉

I’ve never been able to understand how Cullman has managed to fly under the F.B.I. radar for as long as they have and it is past time for it to come to an end!

Best of luck fighting Cullman’s corruption Mr. Kowshowsky and don’t give up the fight!

Although I have little faith in this F.B.I hotline because they waited decades to implement one… here you go: