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Thursday, September 17, 2020

Contempt of Court - Fair and Equal Treatment for All

 I'm still reading and what I find is incredulous.  So! contempt of court along with many other charges against Donly abound.  What does a guy do?  Donly and his family especially one in particular have suffered serious Civil rights issues and more?  Why does one person gets arrested and jailed while the other little piggy goes wee wee wee all the way home?  Sometimes it isn't what you know but who you know.  

The more documents we read the crazier this thing gets.  I read documents from another agency on this issue and I just want to ask them if they have lost their minds.  Safety and security are of utmost concern.  There are grave concerns that need to be addressed.  

From what I read this case is 50 50 but it sure as hell isn't being treated as 50 50.  Chief, it sounds like the good ole boy network and the information you may have refused to look at has fallen right at your feet.  If I am wrong about what is going on with Donly I will apologize to every elected official in Cullman County.

The Chief told me recently that he stands by his officers.  Folks, I didn't say anything about the officers.  What I am saying is that poop rolls downhill.  The issue as a rule starts at the top.  Our county was built on trust.  We trust that our government operates in an honest order fashion with justice for all.  We are the people.  We trust you to treat us equally within the color of law.  We do not accept the good ole boy network in our system.

As we have already harped on most officials do the right thing so we will leave that alone. A few bad apples are all it takes to rot the entire lot.  There are also frivolous lawsuits.  I have seen the evidence in these cases.  It is outrageous the stories some people make up in their minds.  Even when there is evidence that shows the truth.  We can only hope that the courts throw out the BS lawsuits and fine the people who file them.

Please forgive the typos.  It has been a long week as we have more damage on some of our property in Florida.  We are juggling a lot of fires but Donly and his issues along with others concerned in this issue need a voice.


Anonymous said...

This makes me so angry, nothing about this follows what America is supposed to stand for. Nothing about this is Justice for ALL. Please get these people out of office Whistle Blower. Please expose the corruption once and for all.

Anonymous said...

How many people have experienced this same cycle and had their lives destroyed? Hopefully this will encourage others to also come forward.

I cant believe this is an isolated case. For all the documentation to fall on deaf ears. Seems like a well entrenched cycle for abuse of power.

Jeremy Cummings said...

Has anyone figured out what Facebook's problem is with the Whistleblower? How can we get them to stop calling this blog "spam"?

Anonymous said...

Someone(s) have effective muzzled the link. By reporting the link to fb as offensive.

Someone(s) must be very worried about how many people see this blog. Just more manipulation of information and data, so illegal and/or abuse of power remains cloaked.

Anonymous said...

Local ne2s organizations know about this blog.

So my question is why have they not pick up this story. Even with current news cycle events, so much abuse of power right on their doorstep.

Seems like the judicial system and the news systems are turning a blind eye.

This type of judicial misconduct does not happen in a vacuum.

Where are all the voices for civil liberties and rights.

The issue stopped being about childrens rigbts or a nasty divorce. Seems lime at this point its about covering up what happens when "personal favors/opinions lead to favors. Now those favors have to be covered up. The mud pile has covered and/or spattered most of that local judicial system.

So its now about ego but more about CYA and not bankrupting a city/county being accountable.

I would also think if I had been an elected official for 30 plus years. I would be afraid what this mess would do to my retirement and legacy.