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Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Seems To Be All Over But The Crying But Wait There's More

Wow! This story is a must-read for sure.  Steenson pleaded guilty to two felonies and instead of going to prison he will continue to reside in the Morgan County Jail.  Maybe due to overcrowding within the prison system. Or, maybe it's because of Steenson in facing additional charges.  Steenson deserves his punishment and so do the other liars and thieves involved.  The true victims, in this case, are the honest investors who may never see a dime of the hard-earned money they invested.  I became good friends with some of the "real" investors and I can tell you they were screwed by Title Mart.  Yet, daily I see their kindness and honesty.


Former Priceville Partners owner pleads guilty to 2 felonies



Unknown said...

Yes i love it these ppl are sucm of scum

Unknown said...

Scum of scum i mean