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Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Holiday Slowdown

It's great how life seems to go a little slower during the holidays.  With Thanksgiving coming up this week we can think of many things to give thanks for.  We had our beautiful Mother and Dad for 81 years.  We had our brother for 64 years, and we had our beautiful son for 29 years.  Some say we have had a few tough years.  Our loss is tremendous but we are believers and we know we will meet again someday.

Our love is unwavering and again this year we will cherish our time with family, friends, and loved ones.

We are also thankful that Morgan County is a better place to live today than it was for 8 long years.  We will continue to watch and wait from dumb and dumber to stick their foolish heads up again.  We are constantly aware of Sheriff Blakely and his indictment issues.  We also see that the Pickens County Sheriff wants all of his issues to just go away.

Tragically we see that the Loudens County Sheriff who was a well-respected man was shot and killed by an 18-year-old thug with a gun.

There is good and bad in law enforcement just as in any other field.  We in Morgan, Lawrence, Limestone, Marshall had a few bad years of incompetence and thugs.  We realize there are some criticisms of our current sheriff but he is still learning and growing in his on right.

Keep your spirits up and find things to make you happy.  Buy a ham or turkey and give it to someone less fortunate.  It makes you feel better.  I promise.

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