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Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Another police-involved ethics violation

BLOGGER COMMENTS:   Maybe I'm seeing patterns that do really exist, BUT  pastors and ethics violations,  evidence room misuse and ethics violations.  No known connection, as Paul Harvey used to say right before he hinted at one.  Another one has chosen to resign and turned himself in for the arrest but Treherne is both a pastor and evidence misuse.  Seems like there was a similar problem right here in Morgan County.  Remember? 
Alabama deputy arrested on felony ethics charge
A veteran law enforcement officer was arrested Tuesday on felony charges.
Dallas County sheriff’s Sgt. John Treherne is charged with use of office for personal gain and third-degree theft, said District Attorney Michael Jackson. Authorities said Treherne is accused of paying for mechanical work he had done with property that was stored as evidence in a case.
According to his LinkedIn profile, he is a sergeant in the Criminal Investigations Division. Jackson said Treherne’s bond is set at $40,000.
The case was investigated by the State Bureau of Investigation. Dallas County Sheriff Mike Granthum said the alleged wrongdoing happened under the previous sheriff’s administration. Granthum said he received information about the possible crime and immediately began to investigate. Once they realized there was truth to the information, they summoned SBI to take over.
He said Treherne, who also is a pastor, resigned at 8 a.m. Tuesday after learning that warrants had been issued for his arrest. After resigning, he surrendered to the Dallas County Jail.
Treherne had worked for the Selma Police Department for about 10 years, and the sheriff’s office for 16 years. He said news of his arrest came as a shock to many in the sheriff’s office and beyond. "He’s like a brother to a lot of them,'' he said. “A lot of people are surprised. They’re having a hard time understanding it due to his character in the past. There were no warning signs or anything.”
However, Granthum said, all wrongdoing will be investigated whether it’s a law enforcement officer or not. "This is something that can’t go on,'' he said. “I will not have it.”

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