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Saturday, October 12, 2019

1st in 10 Let's Do It Again

Oh! Wait.  That is a football play.  How about 1st and 90 let's do it again.  That's right folks.  Chief Burgess of Falkville was hired as the new chief mini-me after the previous chief was removed by the city council for disgusting charges.

Burgess was hired to replace the last slug and given a 90-day probationary period.  Apparently, the 90-day probationary period wasn't enough so the council has now gone back and placed Burgess on an additional 90 probationary period.  Can you do that?  Even if you can, it stinks.  The council knew what they were getting before they hired Burgess as Chief of Police for the little town of Falkville.

Burgess, the mayor, and the city council is about as worthless are tits on a boar hog as it applies to the management of the city.  The mayor was well aware of what they were getting when they hired the new chief.  It appears that they wanted a chief they could control.  Keep their business close hold.

We really thought that Winkles and the city council would select a strong leader, would promote growth in our community, and turn the tide from our previous scandalous chief.  The guy should have been fired, arrested, and charged but instead, the council and mayor jabbed the knife in the victims even deeper by rewarding the chief.

We thought it is the job of the city aka the mayor, the city council, and the chief to protect our children and young women.  Remember the victims.  What is wrong with this picture.  Oh! We forgot the mayor is just one of the good ole boys just making noise.  Well! not according to his own words.

Falkville is a beautiful quaint little town.  We have a great school, churches, and you would think the council would be working on revenue, fix up the original sections of town.  There is so much that could be done to bring back the small-town charm.  Wouldn't it be wonderful to refurbish the city and open all the little shops, decorate for Christmas?  Oh! The dreams.  Instead, we have a bunch of men sitting around scratching and sniffing and the mayor bragging about the number of Falkville women he has been with.

Chief Burgess is riding around in his Chief mobile knowing he won.  Burgess may have won but the city would have been just as well off to leave the previous chief in place until he was officially charged by the Feds.  There isn't a dime's worth of difference.

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