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Saturday, September 14, 2019

What a Shame

It's interesting how a person thinks they are above the law once they are elected to office.  No matter how they got there.  Our previous Chief of Falkville thought he was above the law.  He played games with law enforcement for many years.  He had a Mini-Me on his hip.  According to our sources, Minnie Me knew full well about the Chief's indiscretions as well as money taken from the fire department.  If he knew he sure didn't come forward during active investigations.  Instead, they all rallied around a man that is accused of inexcusable acts against women.  This group of men who supported the previous Chief and his actions and ensured Minnie Me was placed in a position of power.

Everybody knows that the whistleblower didn't support Burgess for Chief of Police.  One of his family members tried to set the whistleblower up for the previous sheriff.  Why?  One of Burgess family members was busted for dope at Target and accused of selling dope in the jail.  His family tried to give the whistleblower a SIM card from the MCSO.  We are sure all charges would have been forgiven by Franklin.  Did Burgess know?  Your dang right he knew.  He "just couldn't get involved".  Once you know of a conspiracy and do not report of it, you are a part of it.

The whistleblower told the city council and the mayor about the issue.  They did not believe their chosen one had anything to do with the dirty deeds.  Yea! Right.   Our opinion is that they wanted someone they could control.

Chief Burgess may say he had nothing to do with the sim card but he certainly knew about it.  We are sure his loved one is as well versed as he about the SIM card.  The council and Winkle were told about the attempts but Burgess family to set the whistleblower up.  The whistleblower even agreed to meet with the council meeting to discuss her concerns.  We can assure you that didn't happen.  The whistleblower was all for the other candidates because we felt certain they could not be manipulated.  

The city hired a demolition team to tear down a house in Falkville across from the school without the proper credentials.  No excuses for not hiring teams that have the proper licenses.  Why did they approve this company?  Because the could.  Nobody is watching so what the heck?  We have an antiquated sewer system with too much waste being added to the ponds.  Wonder how much bleach it would take to kill that order.  They have been cleaning it up.  That doesn't mean it isn't real.  We believe they started cleaning up once we called the State and requested that they check out the system.

Why doesn't the council, the Chief, and Winkle clean up Falkville?  The first recommendation we would have is to get rid of the trash in City Hall and start afresh.

We do not trust the City Council, the Mayor, or the Chief.

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