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Monday, September 30, 2019

What is going on in Eva? Mistaken identity and an arrest

We believe we have an overzealous deputy working Eva patrol.  We recently heard of some incidents that appear to be downright stupid or incompetent.   We have T. Taylor who was stopped in Eva, his name run and according to our sources, the dispatch relayed the message to the deputy that he had the wrong man.  As a rule, you would apologize and let the man be on his way.  Not in this case. According to our sources, the man was arrested.  We hear that he is s good man who works for a reputable car dealership. 

We believe the deputy is being a little overzealous and the man needs to be reeled back in.  We experienced first hand going through Eva that these things are happening.

We encourage the people of Eva to contact the sheriff's office and report these incidents.  The sheriff will address these issues in a timely manner. 

Note:  Should we find that we are in error we will make corrections to our blog.

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