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Saturday, September 14, 2019

Unbecoming Conduct

The whistleblower has been called all sorts of names during the previous sheriff's interviews with the media.  Not once did this one apologize.  The whistleblower was never charged with or convicted of any crimes.  The whistleblower and Bradley discovered lots of wrongdoing by the previous sheriff and her sidekicks.

Attorney William Gray has snorted, mouthed off, and carried on like a two-year-old with a temper tantrum.  Bellowing their innocence.  Leon and the whistleblower are all at fault.  As it turns out Gray has our property seized with a fraudulent warrant.  The fox is in the hen house and has been there for quite some time.  Are we supposed to look at this as if it is an oversight, that he forgot he had it?  When did he finally admit that he had our property?  Who gave him our property?  Who knew?

We have followed the rules.  We have followed our attorney's advice.  Obey the law, follow the rules, be good citizens, report crime, and then we find out that William Gray has our property.  We were notified that we could get our property from the sheriff's office but they could only give us what they had.  We expected to get all or none.  We opted not to get what the SO had until we could locate all the property.

Why didn't Gray inform someone that he had the property months maybe a couple of years go?  How can we trust this person who never divulged that he had our property?  Our country was founded and built on trust.  Gray has a responsibility to his clients but he also has a responsibility to the courts. 

Just like story after story that was relayed to the courts that the whistleblower was under investigation in Etowah County.  It wasn't true.  Delay, Delay, Delay.

The whistleblower has no respect for this attorney or the previous law enforcement officers who got caught with their hands in the cookie jars as the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals made clear to anyone who can read.  Judge Thompson is an honorable man who retired with honors.

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