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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Some Don't Understand Legal Opinions - Sheriff Blakely Did

It's obvious that some people do not understand legal opinions published by the Attorney General's Office.  Maybe that is why so many sheriffs took inmate food funds.  Even Limestone County Sheriff Mike Blakely understood the meaning of the opinions.  He asked if he could take home leftover food funds and got his answer.  No.  The opinion is an interpolation and or simplified breakdown of the law.  Clarification of the law.

In one federal court case a few years back the Federal Judge dismissed the case because neither attorney researched the legal opinions in like case prior to presenting their case in court.

The whistleblower is done with this subject.  In the case these folks are bitching about the person could not even get a case number.

You people need to grow up and be more concerned about the Falkville Chief of Police and the Mayor and their conduct.

Opinions Section is the primary section that gives advice to public officials on various states laws such as the Open Meetings Act, the Competitive Bid and Public Works Laws, the Fair Campaign Practices Act, and other laws on voting. The Code of Alabama specifically calls upon the Attorney General to issue official opinions about state law. Often state law can be confusing; therefore, public officials may request that the Attorney General give his legal interpretation of the law in understandable terms. Upon written request, the Attorney General furnishes written opinions on questions of law to state departments, agencies, boards and commissions; the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee (Committee) of either House upon a matter under consideration by the Committee; legislators, if there is some nexus between the question posed and a perceived legislative duty; and to certain other public officials and political subdivisions.  

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