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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

More on Winkles' Issues

Folks, the issues we addressed yesterday pertaining to Winkles is about Winkles and not about the lady whose daughter was smart to walk away from a wedding before making a serious mistake.  Why would you bash a lady just because she works at City Hall or her daughter for that matter?  Folks need their jobs and they have a right to their opinion.

Why tear down women to make yourself feel better?  We received a few tips we will follow through on.  In the meantime, the whistleblower received calls from a lady who provided detailed information in regards to what happened to her and the people she went to for help.  This isn't about one woman.  It is about women and the people who knew.  The people who were in power and should have done something about what was going on.

These women must live with what happened to them for the rest of their lives.  The women's voices have been heard.  We as citizens should not take what has happened in our town lightly.  We need changes, not corruption.  We need people who care about our city who will not sweep things under the rug.

Most of Falkville's City Hall is made up of men.  We believe these men knew what was going on and had been going on for years.  You can't brag about stuff you know nothing about.

Chief Burgess was the previous chief's right-hand man, best buddy, friend and, from what we believe to be the truth, he knew every dirty detail over the years.

Why Chief Burgess.  According to Winkles, he was the most qualified.  Really?  Everybody knows who the whistleblower supported for Chief.  It was a man that would not bow down to the council.  A straight guy who did not agree with many of the things he saw.  A man Winkle told he was the next Chief.  Winkles told me the same thing.  A man with 30 years experience and a host of training. 

There should be an open investigation of the City of Falkville.  Not just the good old boy network but how they do business as well.  For example, how does the city decide who gets contracts in our city?

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