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Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Lots of Bickering

There are a lot of people in Montgomery talking about the secret trip law enforcement went on to Mexico.  Sometimes you need to see the degree of the problem to bring it home.  We believe that is what happened in the case of our leadership to include State Attorney General Steve Marshall taking the trip.

If you recall, our previous sheriff claimed to have gotten rid of the METH problem in our county.  We have said this time and time again that isn't true.  If anything we believe the previous sheriff exacerbated the problem.  There were all kinds of claims made but the statics were fictitious and did not make it to the state and national levels.

Thee is accountability to the state and national levels.

We are for anything educational that helps rid our state of the drugs coming in.  Our children are lost, young men and women with children lose their children or get caught up in DHR services.  We have seen some of that lately.

Sure we have plenty of other problems in the state such as prison issues and such that need to be addressed.

We believe it is important to stop the drug trade coming across the border.

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