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Monday, September 30, 2019

Just when you think you have heard the last of our previous sheriff - She's backkkkkk

Blogger Comments:  Please take the time to read the attached article at URL below.  It appears that some sheriffs will go from one extreme to another.  They do this at the weakness or illness of sick inmates.  Our previous sheriffs should have several sick or dead inmates on their conscious.  Conscious, what conscious.  Thanks to the and ProPublica joint investigation

We believe strongly in law enforcement and want the best for our law enforcement officers and sheriffs but how can some of these people live with themselves.  We are aware of several inmates who fell ill or died without adequate medical care and we reported on those.  We had inmates and jailers share those incidents with us.  

We received a comment this morning in regards to two inmates that recently died in the Morgan County Jail. We hear we have a double standard when reporting on the current Morgan County Sheriff.  We work off of legitimate sources.   If you have first-hand knowledge of wrongdoing we will report it.  We have always used reliable sources and count on them to help set the record straight.

If you know something report it.  All of the information we receive is confidential.

These Sheriffs Release Sick Inmates to Avoid Paying Their Hospital Bills

Inmates suffering heart attacks, on the verge of diabetic comas and brutalized in jail beatings have been released so sheriffs wouldn’t have to pay for their medical care. Some were rearrested once they had recovered.

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