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Sunday, September 15, 2019

Insult to Injury

The whistleblower's property and the property of Leon Bradley is ready for pick-up from none other than Bill Gray's office.  How ironic it is that Gray has our property probably given to him from none other than our previous corrupt sheriff.   It is evident that neither the sheriff nor Gray gave a rats ass about how to handle property that was illegally obtained.  

They must have learned how to handle property from Washington.  We can't help but wonder if they used a hammer or bleach bit on our property once they were through with it.

None of these people learned a thing from Judge Thompson's ruling.  The thugs and nasty sheriff are still as arrogant today as they were the day the curtain closed on them.  They have reason to be.  My property and Leon Bradley's property has been in the hands of Bill Gray the fox in the hen house for a long time. 

We can ask what makes people in positions of power act badly and play dirty but we already know:  it's arrogance and the concept of superiority over the everyday citizen.

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