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Wednesday, September 4, 2019


Sometimes we all get frustrated.  It seems as if nothing goes our way.  We get angry at situations that are beyond our control.  Don't worry be happy.  Leon Bradley and your blogger went through hell and back.  Look at us.  We lived to tell the tale.

One thing is for sure once these corrupt politicians are in the news day after day, week after week, and year after year they will be remembered for a very long time.  Not for their attributes, honesty, and integrity but for their failures.

We believe there may be a few more counties to clean up in the state.  It doesn't matter whether they are Democrat or Republican; if they're dirty they need to go.   Alabama has had a run on sorry sheriffs to include the 49 that have yet to reveal how much money they took from the inmate food funds.

Dang, it.  Oh, wait! Who else uses that word?  Anyway, even Sheriff Mike Blakely stopped taking inmate food funds after the corndog mess.  Or did he?

Wake up Alabama.  Get rid of those who run guns, sell drugs, take inmate food funds, and steal from their offices.  Can we just elect some folks with a little integrity?

That being said.  Not all politicians are corrupt.  It is the few who are bad that hurts honest politicians, that genuinely hurt the honest folks trying to do their job.

It's a shame that all the ash and trash can't be run out of office at the same time.  Look these guys are not smart.  They follow the leader until they too get caught then cry like a baby.  Honest! Mister, I didn't do a thing.


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