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Saturday, September 14, 2019

Enough is Enough

According to a source that Seth Sullivan has joined the Falkville PD and left the SRO. Another source tells us that Sullivan is one of the good ole boys that admitted in front of other officers in Falkville that he was pleasured with Fellatio during his shift as a police officer in Marshall County.

On another note, Sullivan was never charged with any inappropriate behavior in Marshall County however he resigned after being informed that he was under investigation.

What is it about the good ole boy network in Falkville?  Is this what all of these guys do is sit around boasting about their misconduct or indiscretions?   Is any work being getting done?  If all of these stories are true these folks do not need to be working in law enforcement.

Women are not pieces of meat set on earth for you to degrade, humiliate, and demean.  If these accusations are true everyone of the good ole boys in Falkville needs to go.

If these stories are true everyone of these men should be fired immediately.

This is an opinion piece provided by a source who knows.

Just good ole boys making noise.  We doubt it.

Surely there is enough crime, DUI's, PI's, theft, drugs, and more in Falkville to keep the police busy enough that they can keep their minds off of sex and other stuff.

This is the exact same conduct we saw from the previous sheriff.  Surround yourself with only people you trust, don't talk to anyone and get even.

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