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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Did they learn a lesson?

Folks, we do not believe for one moment the previous sheriff and her so-called deputies have learned anything at all from their experiences.  The whistleblower saw what appeared to be arrogance dripping off of them.

It is sad that these folks and the likes of the previous chief in Falkville will probably never learn from their mistakes.  They rewarded themselves handsomely for their deeds.  We hope Sentencing Day (soon to be a local holiday) will not be a pleasant day for the previous sheriff.

via GIPHY.

Of course, we know that the previous chief of Falkville feels rewarded for his bad deeds as the City paid him well for his conduct.  How must those young ladies feel about his rewards?  Embarrassed?  Used? They lost their innocence and he is walking around with money in his pockets.

What makes people in positions of power do this kind of stuff?  What makes their leadership the mayor and the council accept and reward a person such as this.  What makes them hire a new chief (Mini-Me) who worked and was best friends with the previous chief for 11 years.  The council and the mayor knew that before they selected him.

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