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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Blame the new sheriff - Blame Ray Long

Blogger Comments:  Folks we can't help but publish this comment for "Anonymous".  Blame the new man, go on that's what you do.  Blame Ray Long because we had a lazy sheriff who did not give a rats butt about the employees.  Especially the jailers.  For eight long years, nobody cared.  We don't recall the deputies getting a lot of raises, training, equipment, nor vehicles.

If the budget passes on or before the end of the Fiscal year Deputies and jailers will receive raises.  The Sheriff is trying very hard to bring the pay scale up to similar counties.  The deputies will take a little more work than the jailers. 

We have been following some of these issues for over 8 years.  The issues with jailers are more complicated than the deputies.   Consistently the jailers have resigned in higher numbers than any other SO employee.

This has been an issue for Sheriff Pucket long before he took office and part of his campaign.  He can't do anything until the budget is passed.  The sheriff and all other government offices work on the budget all year long.  

We are having internet issues today with downloads but the sight below is a must-see.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Jailers":

Oh come on! 52 corrections officers leaving under the new sheriff isn’t all about pay. The fact is they wouldn’t be addressing the pay if 52 hadn’t resigned because Ray Long does not like to fund the sheriffs office neither do the commissioners. This group of employees has been taken for granted for years!

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