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Thursday, September 12, 2019

Arrested in Falkville

Do not get arrested in Falkville and expect to easily pick up the police report even for public intoxication.  Calls every other day and two visits to the Chief's office has yielded nothing except hot air.  First, the Chief is out, nobody can release it but the chief, the document has to be approved for wording, and on and on it goes.  We are pretty sure that the Chief needs an attorney to review the document.  Yet, Winkles says he has the right man for the job.  Folks, this is a simple PI can you imagine what would happen for a more serious crime.  A normal release is three to five business days or so they say.  Today is day four. Maybe tomorrow will be this person's lucky day.  That is unheard of.  Have these folks ever heard of public domain? 

Each of you knows how we feel about public intoxication and DUI's.  We have zero-tolerance of these actions. 

But all the person needs to do is obtain a public-domain copy of the case and case number.


For any of you folks who think you want to walk around under the influence think twice. 

On another note.  Do the citizens of Falkville know that the previous chief was given a huge severance pay, holiday, vacation, sick pay, and his retirement?  This from a source.  Come on!  That should make his victims feel more comfortable about the city's management.  Punish the innocent and reward the guilty.  What did they think he would do, sue them?  With all those charges hanging over him?  Please.  You have just let the young ladies in our town know that Falkville, Alabama is a man's world and p*ss on the victims. 

Oh! By the way.  At least one previous officers who resigned didn't get the same kind of treatment as the previous chief. 

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