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Monday, August 19, 2019

Sheriff Puckett and The Jail

Folks, the whistleblower is taking a beating over Sheriff Puckett and approximately 8 jailer positions that have been dropped from the SO.  Back in the day the SO was under a Federal Consent Decree that has since been removed.  Sheriff Puckett knows his job and by now knows the number of spaces needed to adequately support his mission.  The sheriff unlike previous sheriffs goes to work every day, knows his mission, and works hard to ensure his mission requirements are met.

The whistleblower knows because she has been there and observed the operation first hand.  Not everybody is going to be happy with the new sheriff and the actions he takes.  Look around you and ask yourself if this county is better off now than it has been in years past.  The answer is yes.  The FBI and ALEA have taken down some pretty dirty politicians across the State of Alabama that should please all of us.  Some folks will never be happy because it isn't enough.  Well! That's tough.  We the citizens bring corruption to the forefront; we are not the judge of the outcome.  If the whistleblower can accept that, so can you.

As for the District Attorney Scott Anderson, he is doing his job.  He is working for us, the citizens.  It is his job to inform the public and get the best results possible for the actions he takes.  We have a new beginning with positive actions coming out of Morgan County.  You don't like the way things are going or have gone in the past.  Let your voice be heard but don't blame everybody around you because you don't like the outcome of certain actions.  You have a voice so use it.  Build a blog, go to the commission meeting, meet the sheriff, or sit down and talk to the DA.  Don't blame the whistleblower because you are not happy about outcomes that are beyond our control. 

This blog is a response to comments not suitable for the blog because it references previous information not worthy of this blog.

There are more things going on in the jail that require attention involving bonding companies that have come to the forefront as well.  The SO is aware of the issues and we expect that those issues will be resolved as well.  All bonding companies should be treated equally.  We see the same issues as we did in the past with one of the bonding companies.  The SO knows about the issues and those concerned and has done the right thing.

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