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Thursday, August 29, 2019

Greg Steenson - Update

Folks, we hear that Greg Steenson has conducted himself in a manner that will now allow him to become a limited trustee.  He will be working in the jail only and will be assigned to the kitchen. 

We can hear some of you folks now ranting and raving.  If you think about it at least Steenson has spent his time in jail while others have not. 

We can only hope that Steenson has learned his lesson in getting involved with corrupt law enforcement to include his own family.  He also hurt a lot of poor people with his wrongdoing.  Just saying, he is no worse than the ones he got involved with.

You can just about bet that Christmas dinner with his family and extended members including a previous sheriff would not be comfortable.

One day the whistleblower would love to ask Steenson what was pulled out of the creek while he stood on the creek bank.

Maybe Steenson will spend his time writing a book about his adventures with corrupt law enforcement once he is a free man.

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