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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Boss Hog or Sheriff Scratch-off

Sounds like Blakely has made a name for himself.  Blakely like many of the other sheriffs in Alabama has a lot of explaining to do.  Which may never happen.  Give him more than a slap on the wrist.  Ethics violations, criminal actives, loans from subordinates-- what is this?  The article is great and just continues to show that we had some low life sheriffs in office.  To include the previous sheriff of Morgan, Lawrence, Marshall, and multiple other sheriffs.

These sheriffs have no shame.  Many of the Alabama sheriffs have conducted themselves badly for years.  Now karma is kicking their butts.  Blakely isn't the only sheriff that has committed ethics violations yet when will they be charged?  Sheriffs ignore open records request, claim the sheriff's office budget is not public domain, laugh their butts off at us because all sheriffs know that their budget is public domain.  Just like when Blakely got caught in the corn dog fiasco he sent a letter to the AG's office requesting to know if he was authorized to obtain inmate food funds.  Can't tell the whistleblower Blakely can't read.  If he can gamble he can read.  He allegedly hasn't taken another dime of inmate food funds since.

Move over Beach House Sheriff. Meet Sheriff Scratch-off

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