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Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Blakely eating and living high on the hog

Sure looks like Boss Hog Blakely is living good in the neighbor.  Ir appears that nothing but the best is good enough for the Limestone Sheriff.  These sheriffs are completely out of control.  Whether  they are showing other sorry sheriffs the ropes, the rodeo ropes that is, and how to make money on the rodeos, or selling other sheriffs their dope (you know who you are), making interest free loans to your self, buying tow trucks from drug smuggling thieves who are even sorrier than you are, or cheating your employees out of their hard-earned wages, you are a loser.

Some of you will never go to jail but karma will take care of you.  No matter what you do or where you go you will prove yourself a loser.  Your stockpile of money stored in storage units won't help you, it will further destroy you, your fine houses, horses, and more will not make you happy.  You are already identified for what you are.  You can try to move on but your legacy is still there and is an easy read through Decatur Daily, WHNT, WAFF,, the New York Times, and news outlets and media across the nation.  Never again will you walk down the streets, all-powerful, authoritative, and known for your good works.  You are damaged goods.  In today's society, most employers go to social media to find out what they can about prospectives.  Imagine their surprise when they find out what kind of person you are.  Branded.  You are Branded.  Nothing can make that go away.  We can't erase history.

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