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Friday, July 19, 2019

Sometimes its good for everyone to know your name. Sometimes it isn't.

Folks, we have a beautiful state and quaint cities and towns within the state.  Each entity seems to do their own thing their way.  Sometimes it seems that politicians push the envelope to see what they can get away with.

Not all politicians are bad but there are enough bad ones to be concerned about.  We need to pay attention to how our leaders run our towns and cities.  Are the leaders operating within the scope of duties and responsibilities?

Many of the folks in Falkville believed that when the previous chief left things would get better but have they?

When a leader boasts that he has scored with multiple women when he was an officer in Falkville you know you are living in a good ole boy town.  Yet he remains in office.  The difference in little town drama and big town drama is that in small towns everybody knows your name.

Our Mayor went so far as to send an individual white powder.  Yet, the people of Falkville still vote them in office.

The citizens can set back and whine or they can demand change.  Falkville isn't a growing city and not much is being done to improve the standard of living.

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