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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Moving Right Along

Folks, we have been away for a while so we wanted to update you.  The loss of my son, my brother, my mom and my dad has taken a toll on me and my family but we are working and sharing the load as a family.

We lost our beach house in hurricane Michale and have been busy putting it back together.  We are almost furnished and that is very exciting.  We are staying up with current events in Morgan County and around the state.

It appears that the State Attorney General is weeding out a lot of corrupt politicians to include some sheriffs that should never have been reelected.  Sometimes it takes longer for their true colors to surface.

Lord, it is hard to believe that a man would skim his own church out of greed.  Go on a mission overseas.  Some of these politicians have no ethics, no morals, and no decency at all.

Alabama sheriff charged with scamming food bank, church

In this July 7, 2006 photo, Pickens County Sheriff David Abston speaks with reporters about a jailbreak in Carrollton, Ala. Court records show Abston was arrested Friday, June 14, 2019, and is pleading guilty to fraud and filing a false tax return. He is charged with scamming a food bank and his own church to pocket thousands under a law that let state sheriffs profit from feeding prisoners. (Dusty Compton/The Tuscaloosa News via AP)

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