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Wednesday, November 20, 2019


So…you want to buy a goat? Sheriff’s office has some for sale

Want a goat?

If your Christmas list involves a goat, you may be in luck.
The Limestone County Sheriff’s Office has a goat sale planned for Thursday, Nov. 21 at 11 a.m. at the Sheriff’s Rodeo Arena on Highway 99.
The Sheriff’s Department found a herd of 22 goats off New Cut Road on Nov. 8 but have been unsuccessful in finding the owner. If you have any information on the goats, you can call 256-232-0111.
BLOGGER COMMENTS:  Sheriff Blakley may have found another way to make traveling money.  The goats will be at the Arena anyway.  Why not a goat rodeo?  Admission is five 'bucks'.  Afterward, goat Bar-B-Q!  


  1. I want a goat. What's the price for the little Billy or a nanny.

  2. Blakely is in need of money and is selling off his harem

  3. I just read story on about Sheriff in Pickens County stealing from a food bank. That's bad. Beyond worst bad. But our Sheriff of Morgan County who invested food funds into a felons car lot and got slap on wrist. Not right