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Thursday, October 31, 2019

Jail Escape Update

BLOGGER COMMENTS:  It's been a rough week for the blog and we're a little behind the news curve, but in case you haven't kept up with the escape, the manhunt, and the missing teenager, here's a recap.

The MCSO explains how the escape happened.  Or you can go to SO facebook page.

Authorities continue search 

 for Morgan jail escapee

While local and state authorities searched for a Morgan County Jail escapee late Monday, sheriff's investigators are reviewing video to help ensure another escape doesn’t happen.
Meanwhile, a Lawrence County Jail inmate who escaped early Sunday morning is back behind bars.
Morgan sheriff's spokesman Mike Swafford said John Kaleb Gillespie, 30, a registered sex offender, apparently used bedsheets to help him find freedom Sunday afternoon. Gillespie is deemed dangerous and has a violent history with law enforcement.“This is the first successful escape from inside the secure area of the Morgan County Jail,” Swafford said. “We’ll look at it and see that it doesn’t happen again.”
Swafford said Gillespie likely had been missing 45 minutes before his absence was suspected. “We could come up with a 100 different theories; we don’t actually know (how he got away),” he said.
Swafford said it appears Gillespie went to the recreation area of the jail and climbed the steep wall after getting a boost from a fellow inmate, then used the bedsheets “to get down more safely.” He said Gillespie may have had the tied bedsheets wrapped around him under his jail clothes.
Swafford said the climb and drop were each between 20 to 30 feet. The surveillance video doesn’t show what Gillespie grabbed to climb the wall, Swafford said, and he exited on the east side of the jail. Gillespie ran toward the courthouse about 12:23 p.m. Sunday,

Police: Missing Moulton teen could be in danger with Morgan escapee


    A missing Moulton teenager could be in danger with a Morgan County Jail escapee, who is a registered sex offender, according to the Moulton police chief.
    Chief Lyndon McWhorter said Peyton Bryleigh Ledlow, 16, was last seen Monday and reported missing Monday afternoon. McWhorter said the Lawrence County High School sophomore may have ties with John Kaleb Gillespie, 30, who escaped from the Morgan County Jail on Sunday afternoon. Authorities said Gillespie is deemed dangerous and has a violent history with law enforcement.
    “I believe there’s a possibility she’s with him, and if she is she could be in danger based on our past dealings with him eluding law enforcement,” McWhorter said.


  1. Actually Swafford said more than that. On various local news outlets he went into detail as to how the inmate escaped. Future inmates watching the news I am sure took notes too much information was revealed. Swafford pointed out frequently that this is the first escape from the secured area of the jail. But it was 45 minutes after the escape before they knew the inmate was gone. 45 minutes from a secure area. Plus no one from the sheriffs office notified anyone with the pink against cancer run that was held in downtown Decatur two hours later after the escape. They should and can do better.

  2. After watching the ten o clock news there was an interview with this missing teens aunt who is her guardian. She was livid because this escapee while in the Morgan County jail was communicating with this teen age girl and other teen age girls and he is a sex offender.
    Common sense will tell you one or more of his conversations with this teen age girl helped in planning and executing his escape. Not only does this bother me it bothers me that the sheriffs office public information officer gave great detail as to how this guy escaped. The sheriff abolished eight corrections officers positions saying that those eight positions eliminated would not compromise safety and security in the jail. The inmate was housed in the most secure area of the jail, but he was gone 45 minutes before it was noticed that he was gone. I repeat in the most secure area of the jail and an escape noticed approximately 45 minutes later. No cutting eight jailer positions hasn’t changed anything but well I think it has.

  3. So I see a news interview on the 48 news app and the runaway girls grandmother was interviewed. She contends that this guy called her granddaughter and other young girls in Moulton from the jail phone. It seems to me that our new sheriff needs to have some standards where as sex offenders phone contacts need to be monitored. That’s ridiculous

  4. All phone calls are recorded/monitored. Having said that, what I do not believe is monitored is the age of all the callers that an inmate may call. Somebody put money into his phone account and added the numbers of those girls. That person needs to be held accountable for aiding the inmate in calling those girls. And I am sorry but maybe the grandmother should have taken away the girl's cellphone as she has known this guy before he was in jail. She can point fingers all she wants at the jail but even she had some responsibility here.

  5. No they aren’t not with the app that was used. The app was put in place by the sheriffs office in July. See WAAY TV report.
    This was just another decision made by the sheriffs office to make money. What I find ironic is if had occurred under the same circumstances under Franklin this blog would be all over it. But with Puckett not so much.