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Monday, July 1, 2019

Only in Alabama

Blogger Comments:  Only in Alabama would an ousted slug of a sheriff go to court to try to obtain leftover inmate food funds for his own greedy self.  Funds slotted to feed the inmates.  Isn't it enough that the legislature changed an antiquated law that should have been changed many years ago. Even though the law wasn't changed until recently that still does not give some 50 sheriffs who received inmate food funds approval to take the money.  If the sheriffs wanted the inmate food funds they could have taken the legal and decent way of asking for the funds by submitting a request to the State Attorney General's Office for a legal opinion or just researched the latest legal opinion.  Guess they figured it's easier to ask for forgiveness than permission.  The party's over but Walls can't give it up.  

We have several new sheriffs in office that will not take inmate food funds.  We are proud of them.  It seems as if the outgoing sheriffs came in corrupt and went out corrupt and some continue to fight the law.

Judge rules former sheriff can’t pocket jail food money

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