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Monday, June 10, 2019

Witnesses. Real Witnesses Told The Truth?

Blogger Comments:  Shouldn't we all be proud that so many law enforcement officers stood up for what is right?  What kind of people pull the kind of stunts our previous sheriff and her crew pulled?  Is it arrogance?  Is it the feeling of being above the law?  What did they fear from a whistleblower and a warden?  The truth maybe?  How do some folks sleep at night?  Some people just want to win, no matter how low they go.  Sometimes or most times with some folks it's all about the win, not the truth.  Truth doesn't matter to the corrupt.

Judge tosses charge accusing ex-warden of leaking to blogger By - Associated Press - Tuesday, April 24, 2018

DECATUR, Ala. (AP) - An Alabama judge on Tuesday dismissed criminal charges accusing a former jail warden of illegally leaking information to a blogger critical of a sheriff.
The Decatur Daily reports that Morgan County Circuit Judge Glenn Thompson dismissed the charge of computer tampering, immediately granting the request of former Morgan County jail warden Leon Bradley after two days of testimony.
Bradley was fired in October by Morgan County Sheriff Ana Franklin. His lawyers claimed Franklin and three employees lied to get warrants and have Bradley arrested.
“I’m really thankful for the law enforcement people who stood up like they’re supposed to,” Bradley said after the judge’s ruling. “I’m disgusted by those who did not. It was sickening today to hear some of the actions of law enforcement.”
The Alabama attorney general’s office had already agreed to dismiss the case, but Bradley insisted on a hearing to lay out what Franklin had reports that Thompson declined to hold contempt hearings against Franklinor her deputies, saying he was “leaving that up to other people.” Morgan County District Attorney Scott Anderson and Assistant Attorney General Matt Hart were present in the courtroom Tuesday. Prosecutors have said they can’t comment on the case.
The blogger’s grandson, Daniel Lockhart, testified that Franklin threatened to arrest him and derail his plans to join the Army if he told anyone about being a confidential informant or didn’t provide information harming his grandmother. Franklin paid Daniel Lockhart $500 to install surveillance software on Glenda Lockhart’s computer. She authors the Morgan County Whistleblower, a blog long critical of the sheriff.
Lockhart hasn’t been charged with a crime and is pursuing a federal civil lawsuit against the sheriff’s office.
“I think everything went well today, and justice will prevail,” said Lockhart as she left the courthouse.

Sgt. Kyle Wilson testified that Franklin and two other sheriff’s office employees instructed him to prepare a search warrant affidavit on Bradley’s home even though he had no knowledge of the investigation. He said he declined to present the affidavit to the judge.
Wilson, a 15-year employee of the sheriff’s office, also testified that Franklinunsuccessfully tried to convince a Madison County investigator to issue the search warrant against Bradley. Madison County Sheriff’s Capt. Michael Salomonsky said the same thing in testimony Friday.
Franklin denied knowing anything about the software in testimony Friday.
Deputy Zachary Dockery, an 11-year employee of the sheriff’s office, testified that he declined to provide surveillance equipment to use on blogger Glenda Lockhart because he was worried it would amount to criminal eavesdropping. He said he also told two sheriff’s office employee to not hack into Bradley’s personal emails without a warrant.
Dockery testified that the sheriff’s office had installed a tracking device on Bradley’s county vehicle.
Information from: The Decatur Daily,
Copyright © 2019 The Washington Times, LLC.



  1. Yep Ana. Honesty is the best way to go. Leon and whistlebritches did what was right. Period

  2. Where did the money come from to soak into your good felon friend into title marts.Retirement and savings...oops my nose just grew a little longer Didnt know Steenson. Turns out you all spent days on 80k risky business boat with ziaja frolicking in sun and drinks. Then you were caught taking it out of fed food funds...sounded like a good investment.Pinochio we dont buy it.

  3. Go get them Scott

    1. Scott Anderson is the last hope! It has gotten ridiculous what Ana and her attorneys have being doing with their court filings. Innocent people should not have to spend of their means to defend against the frivolous arguments they have been making - hurry up Mr. Anderson and put a wrap on these folks

  4. I have a question. Why did Ziaja wait several months after making a 464 thousand dollar investment into his good friend Steenson to get it probated. Just curious

  5. I believe he realized he was caught. He could have easily gotten away with until truth came out.

  6. Ziaja skated. How many people would get a sweet deal like that. I say we bring the trustees in who know how to do electrical and plumbing and fix this shithole of a house we have been living in for telling truth.

  7. Been living with 80 year old insulation. falling on our head every night. Not right. We told truth and someone got paid off

  8. It sure does seem like the Feds have been cutting Ana slack at every turn. It makes you wonder if Ana's connection /association with former AL attorney General Big Luther, former US attorney General Jeff Session, and even the US President himself has allowed her to get what appears to be special treatment, even escaping justice! First,there was the Federal judge in the inmate food account case where funds were taken (stolen) by Ana, violating the consent order of the jail. She was only cited for civil contempt, rather than criminal contempt like you or I would have been, and fined a measly $1K for taking (stealing)$160K. A felony contempt charge would have required her removal from office. Next, she is only being charged with one thing out of multiple acts - willful failure to pay tax, a felony, but she was allowed to plead to a misdemeanor. The Feds also announced that they had no further plans to investigate her or bring additional charges against her/office. Seems like the rumor that the fed had promised that if she did not run for re-election, she would be able to slide by, but if she ran, the hammer would drop was a true rumor. The prosecutor recommended the lower end of the sentencing scale for her, and when the pre-sentencing report was prepared for the court (judge)she and/or her attorney challenged the facts that were gathered by a federal probation officer. I have never known of defendants who have been found guilty or pled guilty be allowed to see and challenge a report submitted to the judge prior to sentencing. Maybe I'm wrong, just saying! What is even more mysterious is, why the judge is allowing a hearing for them to challenge the report and to keep the contents of the report sealed from the public! Redaction could be easily be done of confidential info like ssn#, addresses, names of innocent people, etc. Why does an admitted guilty person be afforded that type of privacy- again, you or I would not be afforded such!What is the judge allowing her to hide? Hope the local media/paper pursue freedom of information to get it released.
    BUT, there is good news!!! God will not be mocked. He sits high, and looks low to see all. He sometimes even metes out punishment Himself. Woe unto those who he does so to. Consider two cases from the Bible: Achan(Joshua 7) and Ananias & Sapphira (Acts 5. There are many more. Keep playing with God and innocent people Ana; you and your attorneys. People can see you all are using the courts like how the sovereign citizens do. You may get man to grant you short time victory, or what appears to be, but again God is not mocked. The righteous will never be forsaken.

    1. Oh my. You are so right about the tactics of sovereign citizens. A lot of people probably never heard of them but you can google them. Just like those folks, it looks like Ana and her attorneys are knowingly making false claims in court filing to require the blogger and the warden to have to use all their money to defend themselves while their insurance carriers (Morgan county and the PBA) pays for their lawyers. With Ana and gang's egos and the attorneys' greed to drain all the insurance money, its like a perfect lawyer-client match.

  9. Sounds just like Bones...never wanted government to know what he was up to. Besides killing dogs.

  10. Gray should be ashamed

  11. And the PBA would be wise not protecting criminals

  12. And criminal attorneys. Just a suggestion.