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Monday, June 24, 2019

Who's in Charge of The Sheriffs in Alabama

Sometimes it makes you wonder who has oversight of the sheriffs in Alabama.  We finally got a good one.  The sheriff of Morgan County is doing a great job.  We have no complaints.  We believe we would be the first to know if our sheriff did something wrong.

We hear more and more each week about what another one has done.  So! Our question again is who's in charge of Alabama Sheriffs?  The citizens?  We know that.  What we want to know is once a sheriff is sworn in, who do they answer to?  It sure isn't the citizens.  Our previous sheriff proved that.  She didn't answer to anybody except for the FBI.  Even after a Federal Judge and The Internal Revenue caught up with her she still believes she won.  That isn't even to mention Judge Thompson's ruling in April 2018.  That ruling would have humbled most people down to their knees, had them praying face down on the floor, had them shaking in their britches, and crying like babies.  Not our previous sheriff and her crew.  They won.  Or, so they think.  They will live with their actions for the rest of their lives.

Where there should be a shame, it appears there is none.  Where there should be humility, it appears there is none.  Where there should be an embarrassment, there appears to be none. 

We do not recommend starting a blog to report law enforcement that goes rogue.  We do recommend that you contact the State Attorney General's Office and your local FBI.  After experiencing what the whistleblower, Warden Leon Bradley, Daniel Lockhart, and others went through for telling the truth, we recommend that you detail, catalog, and report all your findings with proof and turn it over to the powers that be.  We had no problem getting the attention of those who matter.

Not all law enforcement officers are bad.  Like every other field, trade, or public office a few bad politicians, information technology specialists, law enforcement officers, or other can destroy our trust in those we expect to stay within the lines of the law.


  1. Ol Timmons apparently has turned a blind eye...

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