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Friday, June 28, 2019

What's a sheriff to do?

When the whistleblowers submitted complaints to the state on our previous sheriff of Morgan
County, the sheriff bragged that everything went into File 13. 

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The Ethics Board investigates complaints?  Who decides on the criticality of the case?  Is the case criminal?  Is the complaint an ethical issue?  The system must be inundated with corrupt sheriffs.   

What is Governor Kay Ivey's part?  What part does the State Attorney General play in some of these egregious acts?  We believe they are all being investigated.  As they should be.

It's time to clean up Alabama.  The sheriffs are actually taking care of some of these problems themselves through their stupidity and petty criminal games they played as they walked out the doors for the last time.  Some of them are getting caught because the new sheriff in town isn't willing to sit back and take the mess they were left with. 

Some of the sheriffs that weren't beaten in the last election are also going down for their stupid behavior.  Hopefully, we will see more activity in an effort to rid our state of dirty politicians.  It's time to clean up the dirty politicians.

The question has been and still is who is in charge of the Alabama Sheriffs?

We've come a long way.  Case in point:  Sheriff Ron Puckett is our new sheriff and is a great one.  Our previous sheriff falls in line with about 50 or so others sheriffs who were either beaten out of office, chose not to run, were defeated, or just haven't been caught yet.

The most serious question of all is who has oversight over Alabama Sheriffs?

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  1. Seems like a lot of complaints have gone nowhere...too many pockets being padded