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Thursday, June 27, 2019

Sheriffs Gone Wild

For approximately 80 years in Alabama, sheriffs have been allowed to take inmate food funds as their own personal money.  The amount of money taken by sheriffs is egregious and should have been stopped many years ago.

We believe that millions of dollars have been taken by our top cops.  Sheriffs do not answer to anybody or so it appears.  It is time for full disclosure of the money that has been taken.  We the citizens elect the sheriff of our county.  When we elect our sheriff, yet it isn't until after the election that we find out about their corruption.

There should be a check and balance from someone within the state to ensure that the money provided to sheriffs offices is being used properly.  No company can run their business without checks and balances and neither can state and county government.

We are proud of our new sheriff Ron Puckett.  He has made available his books for the public.  Many of the new sheriffs such as Lawrence, Walker, and Marshall county sheriffs have done the same thing.

We can moan and complain that the FBI isn't doing enough to get rid of dirty politicians but that just isn't true.  We may not like the fact that many of the dirty cops are not going to jail but on a more positive note, they no longer work in law enforcement.  They have a history that will not be forgotten.  Should another law enforcement agency hire them such as Oh! Gentry or one of the others still in office hopefully the citizens will protest.

We do not need corrupt law enforcement in the office to destroy the good name of our honorable law enforcement officers.  A lot of good steps have been taken to stop dirty sheriffs from taking from the sheriff's offices.  Why stop there?  Why not let the citizens know just how far these sheriffs went to line their pockets? 

The long-accepted practice of allowing sheriffs to steal, pilfer, damage, and order ridiculously large orders of products on the way out the door is not only a disgrace, it's criminal.

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  1. She forgot 3 months before she took office she met with honorable Attorney Bill Schinn...who clearly told her she cant touch funds. She has a clear gift of blah blah blah

  2. Then tried to make the county commission pay bill before she took office.

  3. Google Decatur Daily...county rejects sheriff legal bill.

  4. Gene Mitchell made thousands off the jail food money while hiring his brother in the highest positions of the sheriff's department and raked in a ton of overtime that others were forbidden to have. All of these sheriff's who have been pointed out need to be investigated by the attorney general.