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Friday, June 28, 2019

Another Ousted Sheriff--Another Example of Mismanagement and Pettiness

BLOGGER COMMENTS:  The collaboration of AL.COM (Connor Sheats) and ProPublica continues.  Today's example of sore losers, ill will, and outrageous mismanagement finds us in Covington County. Former Sheriff Meeks is in the investigative crosshairs and new sheriff Blake Turman (and all of Covington County) are the victims of this rapacious loser.   

You have to remember that We The People through our legislators have given county sheriffs blank checks, no oversight by anybody, and (ahem!) immunity.  Where have we heard all this before?  

Carry on, Connor and ProPublica.  

An Alabama sheriff lost reelection. Then the spending spree began

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  1. This case should definitely be investigated by the Alabama Attorney Generals office. This is more than just politics.