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Friday, May 10, 2019

So! What about Morgan County

Sheriff Puckett has been sued for his handling of firing and dirty cops resigning.  That is some more joke.  These folks were proven guilty in a court of law by some of their peers yet they still keep complaining.  They claimed they were done wrong.  Did they really expect to keep their jobs because of their dastardly deeds?  Of course, they did.  Momma took care of the boys.

All of the baby's including mama need to grow up.  Tell the truth for once in their life.  Narsistic people can't do that.  Puckett along with Judge Glen Thompson (Retired) did the right thing and those whining and complaining are unhappy because they missed a critical deadline to appeal the ruling.

This mess has been going on far too long.  We are tired of it.  These guys are still out breathing our fresh air.  They accused the whistleblower and Bradley of all kinds of stories that were nothing but nightmares in their heads because they can't tell the truth.

Some of these folks gave up their families and their careers all for mama.  They will claim they were cheated, been mistreated, where did they go wrong.  Chasing after Mama's coat tail is what happened to them.


  1. Love this post.

  2. Sheriff Puckett has not been sued.

  3. Man up and take responsibility for your actions Flake and Bonehead.