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Friday, May 31, 2019

Illegitimate non Carborundum

That’s mock Latin for:  Don’t let the bastards grind you down.  Advice that the whistleblowers have followed throughout the current ‘unpleasantness”. 

Meanwhile, in real life:  In recent days we’ve reposted at least two years’ worth of stories detailing lies, misrepresentations, crimes, and complete disregard of the law, fairness, and morality.  And when you see all this in one place at one time, it is just overwhelming. My goodness, you exclaim.  Why are we tolerating these people?  Yet they keep grinding.  Bit by bit.  Suit and countersuit.  Appeal after appeal.  The bookshelf holding the files is sagging.  And it goes on.

Don’t let them grind you down.  Easy to say.  Try living it.  Faced with attorneys representing this triad who apparently have infinite resources and all the time in the world to spin still another set of alternate ‘facts’, It gets disheartening. The blog is completely self-financed.   We’ve never asked for donations or allowed advertising.  If this were a movie, the good guys would win.

There is a slug out there that has been calling some of the locals and asking them to come over to the good side.  The Christian side.  Whatever…

Boasting has never been our strong side but it appears that at least one slug has the gift of gab.  Look! The Lord loves all of us.  Even those who cheat, lie, steal, are corrupt to the core, and then boast of their good deeds.  Lord, I hope the slug boasting ain't a  preacher or a Sunday school teacher.

Oh! what a hypocrite.

We are not as pure as the driven snow but how desperate do you have to be to use the Lord's name in vain.  The Lord had nothing to do with this mess.  This is about corruption, dirty deeds, lies, deception, and corruption.

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  1. This post is funnier than hell. You nailed it.