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Monday, May 20, 2019

How typical it is.

Blogger comments.   It is typical that when we get into difficult situations that we turn to Our Lord and Savior.  He knows us inside and out.  It doesn't matter who you are and what you have done the Lord loves us and welcomes us all.  It doesn't matter if you are a preacher, Sunday school teacher, blogger, criminal, nor anyone else.

What our Lord expects is us to live with a clear heart.  In our situation here in Morgan County, a lot of good people did the right thing.  They went across the river.  Thanks to all of those fine outstanding law enforcement officers who testified in Judge Thompson's courtroom in April 2018. A lot of illicit behavior was cleared up and the truth was told.

We haven't taken the time to thank those law enforcement officers enough.  There were law enforcement officers from Morgan, Etowah, and Madison County who dared tell the truth.  Now all those on the wrong side of the law want us to believe they are on the right side.  Time will tell.  There may be little to no jail time but the good guys won.  How so?  Those who caused damage to the county, citizens, court systems, MCSO employees, inmates, and others now have no role in our community.  Well! With the exception of court hearings and proceedings, more litigation, and more ridiculous lawsuits.  These folks are on the right side of nowhere.  All it takes is one as low as the others to keep up the rhetoric and this cancer in our community will continue to plague us.

On a positive note.  The people who matter:  the new sheriff, Arthur Orr, the county commission, the DA Scott Anderson, and others who pulled together to clean up our county.

Look what we have all accomplished together.  Those who acted inappropriately are no longer employed.  Thanks to our previous sheriff and many more sheriffs around the state, the legislature passed a bill to ensure that sheriffs can no longer partake of inmate food funds.  The Alabama Sheriffs Association, the legislature is on board, the Governor is on board.  Oh, by the way.  There is/or was a sheriffs office account that was in the sheriff's name.  Those funds were minimal and we mean minimal.  We do not believe for one moment that our previous sheriff put one darn dime of personal money in the inmate food funds.  Time will tell.


  1. Good job Arthur Orr...Puckette...the Governor. Lying thieves claiming no wrongdoing for stealing Fed money and abusing their powerful positions need to face the music.

  2. How many law enforcement officers in Morgan County stood up and did the right thing when corruption took over. Very few. Ana was allowed to steal inmate food funds...bones was allowed to shoot 26+ innocent dogs. Lawsuits flying around everywhere...someone needs to shut this down. Enough is enough.

  3. A big waste of taxpayer money and they are getting so desperate they are are attacking innocent folks phones.

  4. One more was the chief of police at falkville allowed to collect a paycheck after allegations then casually resign. Who gets a sweet deal like that

  5. Resign...terminated.....just wondering wtf the rules are.


  6. I pray Scott Anderson has ducks in line. He is facing evil folks who will lie with a smile.