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Friday, May 17, 2019

Franklin claims taking inmate food funds was legal - Really?

Blogger Opinion Below:  Channel 48 News Must Read.  Click on the CHANNEL 48 News URL Below.

Morgan County Sheriff Ana Franklin (Source: WAFF)

MORGAN COUNTY, Ala. (WAFF) - Former Morgan County Sheriff Ana Franklin is responding to the allegations against her over jail food.

Blogger Opinion:  Our previous sheriff was furnished an opinion from the county attorney prior to winning her first election as sheriff.  The opinion seemed to answer any questions that may arise in the future.  By the way, the answer to the inmate food funds was that the sheriff was not entitled to partake of the inmate food funds.  If you recall, Sheriff Bartlette went to jail over taking inmate food funds.  

During those days taking inmate food funds was forbidden because Morgan County was under a Federal Consent Decree.  That was the law.  When Franklin's predecessor went to Jail Sheriff Mike Blakely submitted a Request for Information to the State Attorney General's office asking if he could partake in inmate food funds.  Blakely received an opinion that he could not take inmate food funds as additional pay.

There are a few of those opinions posted that any of the Alabama sheriffs could have researched.  They didn't.  

The FBI conducted a thorough investigation.  Citizens and MCSO employees were instrumental in bringing the taking of inmate food funds to the attention of those who could make the much-needed changes we have seen come to pass this year.  The Morgan county DA, Scott Anderson must have thought long and hard about how he wanted to protect the citizens from unscrupulous law enforcement officers.  He took on that challenge.  

The law enforcement officers that worked hard on this case did a fantastic job.  Law enforcement officers came forward and testified to the dirty deeds of the previous sheriff and her cohorts.  

Now we sit back and watch the court proceedings to get to the rest of the stories.


  1. If I remember correctly Ana had a meeting with Bill Shinn 3 months before she took office. He clearly told her not to touch inmate food funds. Then she sent the bill to the County Commision to pay. They denied it. Playing stupid saying the County owes you money makes you even more guilty.

  2. Look it up...on Decatur Daily.

  3. Good job Scott Anderson