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Thursday, May 30, 2019

Criminal Criminal I Say

Blogger Comments:  Did the whistleblower cross the criminal line?  Check out excerpts of the Channel 48 News report below.  Read the entire story by clicking on the URL below.   Again read the entire Channel 48 News article.  Very interesting.

The whistleblower has not been arrested for any of the alleged crimes spoken of in this report.  See Judge Thompson ruling below.

Morgan Co. sheriff fires back against lawsuit allegations she paid for info on blogger

"Nothing was ever done in retaliation to Ms. Lockhart during the number of years that this blog has gone on. Not until her personal agenda, her hatefulness and her vengeance to try and tear this office down, to take this office and myself down, and prepare for another election, did she cross the line of criminal activity," Franklin said. "Citizens are able to have their opinion. They're able to exercise their rights. They're able to discuss freely their opinions politically and personally about me and my office. But they are not able to take criminal actions against this office or any other citizen without being held accountable."
Franklin said Lockhart, Bradley and possibly others broke the law. She said they haven't been charged yet because of the time it takes to sort out digital data evidence.

Folks, Judge Thompson made his ruling today Leon and I couldn't feel more vindicated.  Thank you, Judge Thompson.  That will teach law enforcement to lie to a judge for personal vendettas. 

Blogger Comments:  We throw in Judge Thompson's ruling for good measures...

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