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Thursday, May 2, 2019

Alabama's embarrassing inmate food funds Disgrace and Corrupt Sheriffs.

Blogger Comments:  Most of the sheriffs will never have to pay a dime back for the atrocities they have committed.  Hungry inmates and lies to the public are over.  They will all lawyer up and some slimeball attorney will try to make the people believe they did nothing wrong.  That tells us many of the sheriffs being elected are illiterate.  We are saying that either they could not interpret the legal opinions before they took the money or they were playing dumb.  We doubt they were playing dumb.  The slimy attorneys will use the sheriff's ambivalence funds and file more and more frivolous lawsuits making them rich and trying to beat down those who fight the corruption.  The will continue getting paid and getting rich.  Surely, some of the slimeballs walk in their church back first.  We hope and pray they are not teachers of the flock.  Can you imagine what the flock is being taught?  Do as I say not as I do.  The Lord sees all.

We have found that some of the sheriffs can't tell the truth.  Try to keep up with the lies the previous sheriff of Morgan County told the Decatur Daily.  Our DA Scott Anderson is taking charge and is taking the sheriff to court.  It is about time we make these folks pay back the money they have taken.

We are also excited that the Alabama Sheriff's Association on the right side.

Alabama lawmakers pass bill to protect jail food funds

The Alabama Senate gave final passage today to new restrictions on the use of money allocated to counties intended to feed jail inmates.
The bill, by Sen. Arthur Orr, R-Decatur, would require counties to establish a prisoner feeding fund to safeguard money intended for that purpose and raises the amount counties receive from the state for jail food. The bill came in response to several incidents of sheriffs using jail food money for their own purposes.The Alabama Sheriffs Association supported the bill.
Orr’s bill increases the state allowance to sheriffs to feed inmates from $1.75 to $2.25 a day. The House, which passed the bill on Tuesday, took out a provision to automatically raise the allowance by 2 percent a year starting in 2021. That sent the bill back to the Senate.
Orr moved to accept the House’s change today and the Senate agreed, giving the final passage.
The bill says at least 75 percent of the money left in the prisoner feeding fund at the end of the year must be carried over in the fund for the next year. Sheriffs could spend up to 25 percent of the unencumbered balance at the end of the year for law enforcement purposes.
The prisoner feeding funds would be subject to audits by the Department of Examiners of Public Accounts.
Orr said the support of county commissions and the sheriffs association helped get the legislation passed. He also thanked an reporter.
“I do have to tip my hat to reporter Connor Sheets," Orr said. "Because I think, having been living this issue for quite some time at the local level, I believe the articles written by that writer, and I’ve never met him, made a large difference in the attitude and the atmosphere in the Legislature and those surrounding the Legislature in getting that bill through this year with not a lot of opposition.”
The bill goes to Gov. Kay Ivey, who could sign it into law.
Last year, Gov. Kay Ivey began requiring sheriffs to sign an affidavit that they would use the jail food money only for that purpose.

  • 6 minutes ago
You really have to pass a bill that says taking money not meant for you is theft? Good grief Alabama.
    • 1 hour ago
    Wonder what our sheriffs will do now that they will have a harder time stealing the inmates meal funds?
      • 1 hour ago
      Reply to @pooltableguy: They have no problem "stealing" possessions from innocent people they drag in.
        • updated 1 hour ago
        Raising the per day food allowance from $1.75 to $2.25 - by 50 cents - is vile. Human adults cannot live on $2.25 per day. 

        That last part of the article is not true. Kay Ivey’s EO was about “food supplies” like plates, cups and sporks. She was hoping the media would do what just did and misreport it as something involving actual food funds.

          • 21 minutes ago
          Reply to @Tillyg417: I do not disagree that $2.25 is not much to feed someone with, but these funds have always been spent on things needed to feed the prisoners other than actual food, be it supplies, kitchen equipment, and so on (not talking about the personal use some sheriffs took some of the money for). And the amount has not increased since the early 1900's so at least they did finally raise it by some amount.
            • 1 hour ago
            Wow, they actually passed something that made sense. Shouldn't they have at least tacked on a pay raise for themselves :)
              • 2 hours ago
              The article ends mid sentence. Hopefully Todd Entrekin falls off his boat in the gulf.
                • 1 hour ago
                Reply to @beernutz: 

                It’s about time for Ellen Brooks to be called out of retirement so she can figure out a way to avoid prosecuting Entrekin for anything.

                1 comment:

                1. Is ana going to have to forfeit Sarahland