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Saturday, April 20, 2019

Where have you been whistleblower?

The whistleblower has had a lot going on over the past three months.  We greatly appreciate all the support from the people in our county.  It is high time we move on and close these awful nightmares that plagued our county for the past eight years.  Delays, deception, accusings of fraud, and lying to a sitting judge has held many of us captive for far too long.  Looking back it was worth it from the whistleblowers prospective because the corruption was revealed.  The bottom line is that a lot of people got hurt.  Leon Bradley lost his job, Daniel Lockhart was threatened, and as we said earlier a judge was lied to so the corrupt criminal actions of those in power could stop the whistleblowers.

That didn't happen and those who chose to conduct themselves in an unlawful manner were caught red-handed with their hands in the cookie jar.  Desperation will make humans do crazy stuff and we mean crazy.  How is it that those in power in Morgan County became so desperate that they would pull ridiculous stunts in an effort to stop us?  Better yet, how does one manipulate grown men to do their bidding.   Men with families of their own to love, honor, and care for?  How does that happen?  Was it money, power, prestige, or stupidity?

Just as in life all good things and bad things come to an end.  Why would you want to be on the losing end?  Why would any God fearing person put themselves above the law to destroy people?  The simple answer is greed and power.  What happens with the hunters become the hunted?  Sometimes nothing happens.  Sometimes those in power are held accountable here on earth.  Time will tell if these folks are punished for their actions.  One thing is clear.  They will carry their conduct and behavior with them for the rest of their lives.  Do they care?  We doubt it.  Arrogance will not allow those who are unbecoming to society to humble themselves and tell the truth.

Some people are not just arrogant and mean spirited; they are evil to the core.  Greed with the desire for money, power, and prestige is dangerous.  After a while, you can't see the forest for the trees.  We all make mistakes but there are some that can't admit they made a mistake.  Not to mention mistakes are just that.  For most people mistakes are learning experiences in life and once we learn that lesson we can move on and grow to allow us to become a better person. 

We can honestly tell you that for some of us, even though the enemy is out of power, the saga continues.

We will continue to bring updates on hearings, and provide current information as we get it.  The latest saga with Daniel Lockhart and Leon Bradley committing fraud in Judge Thompson's courtroom is an absolute joke.  Does that mean all the law enforcement officers that testified against the corrupt law enforcement officers caught with their hands in the cookie jar committed fraud as well?  What an absolutely ridiculous waste of time.  It isn't justice they seek. Again it is a show of greed, money, and power.  Birds of a feather flock together.  It's like a leach sucking the blood from their victims.  It's all about money, greed, destruction, and power.  This isn't about justice or fraud.

We believe a lot came out in Judge Thompson's courtroom in April 2018 that identified corruption, power, greed, and intent to destroy those who dared to tell the truth.

That being said.  The American Judicial System is the best in the world.  That does not mean our system is perfect.  Case in point in our county is Billable Barney.  That's our opinion and we are sticking to it.


  1. Our family has suffered tremendously. Lost faith in the justice system. Lost all. Over it

  2. Disgusting is all I can say. Thank God there is an honest Christian man in office. Great job Puckett Scott Anderson keep on keeping on. Get every dime that was stolen back to Morgan County.

  3. And as far as Ana's big time attorney. Your client is guilty. Don't bother us. We have already met with Feds.

  4. That is if the feds are doing anything at all. Mr. Gray does not need to send private investors to innocent people homes. You have enough on your plate buddy.

  5. Dang did anyone see Daily today...Gray doesn't want report released of findings of Ana's upcoming hearing. Hmmmmm

  6. Maybe report showed it was a tad bit more than 160k. Just a thought

    1. I'd say over 1 million. All those sheriff office accounts, rodeo was probably 75% of the stolen funds, all cash, no paper trail

  7. Delay delay delay.