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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Update on Falkville Police Chief Chris Free

Blogger Comments:  The headline tells the complete story.  No, really.  That's the whole thing.  The mayor, the city attorney, the city council and the FBI said an investigation is on-going, we can't tell you/don't know what it's about.  Yes, he's still on the payroll and presumed innocent.  It's hard to believe he could have done any more than our previous sheriff and she got a slap on the hand.  We the citizens get far more punishment than corrupt law enforcement. 

Falkville police chief still on administrative leave

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Chris Free
FALKVILLE — Falkville Police Chief Chris Free remains on administrative leave with pay while an FBI investigation continues, Mayor Ken Winkles said Monday morning.
We haven’t heard anything on the investigation,” Winkles said.
The Town Council voted to place Free on administrative leave the first week of March.
Winkles said he does not know the nature of the FBI investigation.
At the time, Winkles said Free “will remain on leave until the council determines to address it again. There’s no sign that Chief Free is guilty of anything. … We took this action for the protection of the town and the protection of Chris.”
We have no comment on that matter,” FBI spokesman for the Northern District of Alabama Paul Daymond said March 6.
Larry Madison, the town’s attorney, in a written statement, said the investigation “has been pending for many months.”
In the statement, Madison wrote the mayor, council and he are not “at liberty to discuss the nature of the pending investigation.”


  1. Maybe Miss Ana behind this...

  2. This>>>>>> "It's hard to believe he could have done any more than our previous sheriff and she got a slap on the hand."

    That's a point well worth analyzing, in my opinion.

  3. Leave with pay...must be NICE

  4. He resigned today.