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Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Time Keeps on Slipping

Lots of folks believe there is nothing else going on with our previous sheriff.  Well! You're wrong.  There is enough going on that it excites us.  Four years worth of records may be very telling when all the chips fall where they may.  There are some records that don't lie.  Bank records for one.  You can lie, cry, and refuse records but when those records are really wanted and the state wants you to pay back any and all funds you have taken through some kind of surreptitious means they intend to get their money back.

There is also a sentencing hearing in May.  There are lots of things still moving and shaking and we pray they pay off.  There were some pretty dirty dealings with previous Morgan County Law Enforcement personnel, ALEA agents, and others that have been stopped.  We do not expect to ever see this kind of corruption in Morgan County again.

We see the current Morgan County Sheriff's Office going about their daily business, making arrests, patrolling our roads, and protecting our citizens with little fanfare.  No, they haven't rid the county of all METH dealers, nor have they succeeded in breaking up all the drug rings, burglaries, domestic violence, and other crimes but here is what they are doing.   They are diligently working.  Nobody is running off to Oklahoma for a rodeo, or moving horses, or purchasing rodeo gear, pageant dresses, horse trailers, and the like pretending its all for the good of the SO. 

Some things that do continue to trouble us.  What happened to all those things that were purchased with MCSO money?   Where is it now? 

How many of the holdovers are left in the SO?  Probably not many.  It hasn't taken long for those who aided and abetted the last sheriff to show their true colors.  These folks can't hide.  Some used their position to prepare tapes for the previous sheriff, some drove her rodeo vehicles, some found money in her truck.  Lots of money.  Cash money.  Money that will never be seen again.  Most of the culprits are gone but we can almost bet their dirty deeds will follow them like the plague.  They just didn't become corrupt in 2011 out of the blue. 


  1. Sounds like the ex sheriff has four more years of explaining to do. I love it.

  2. Her attorney trying all. Some bigger dogs than him need to step in. Follow the money...

  3. Sounds like every judge in Morgan County have recused themself. BS.

  4. Sweet thang and Bones are taken care of financially. No more worries...

  5. Damn it at the quietness that happens during "some" lawsuits. Someone tell me what happens when you lift a rug up that holds a dirt mountain over it and no one will ever know because of a lawsuit!