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Thursday, April 11, 2019

Standoff Averted

BLOGGER COMMENTS:  After years of publicizing the utterly stupid, clearly illegal, and shameful activities of the sheriff's office, it's still a treat to cover an incident where a by-the-book response by the deputies took care of the issue.  Someday, such 'routine' activities will no longer be 'newsworthy'.  In the meantime, let's celebrate.  
Here's the link. 

Morgan County Sheriff’s Office deputies serving a felony warrant Sunday at a home on Holladay Road in Danville were involved in a brief standoff with a man who barricaded himself in a bedroom, according to a release.
Deputies safely removed the man’s parents from the trailer while maintaining communication with the man, the Sheriff's Office said. After continued discussion, Matthew Kevin Johnson, 34, surrendered to authorities without further incident, the office said.
Johnson was booked in the Morgan County Jail on two misdemeanor warrants and one felony warrant for second-degree theft and is being held with no bail, according to the office.
This could have easily gotten out of hand.  Way too many times do we read that while serving a 'routine' warrant, police are met with gunfire and there's usually at least one dead.  That's why you follow procedures instead of winging it in front of cameras.    Good job.

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  1. You can’t imagine how much different the SO is now.