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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

My health

If you want to know about my health, just ask.  Or, are you just being nosey?  The whistleblower has a lot going on in life.  Things she does not want to speak of.  Each one of us in life will go through trying times, heartaches, and misery.  Those whom we love and love us will know exactly what is going on.  Those who are just downright evil, mean spirited and those wolves in sheep's clothing need not ask.

There are people getting paid to continue wreaking havoc, just to try to make those who told the truth go away.  Some didn't like it because law enforcement testified on behalf of the truth in Judge Thompson's courtroom.  Yet, when they (the ex-sheriff and her henchmen) had the opportunity to file opposing documents, they missed the boat.

There are those who work very hard to tear down the people who testified in Judge Thompson's courtroom.  The most bizarre thing that happened is that Leon Bradley and Daniel Lockhart are the only ones being sued.  How does that happen when law enforcement testified and told the truth.  Is that called cherry picking the pool of witnesses?  How does one decide that Leon Bradley and Daniel Lockhart lied or defrauded the courts when witnesses backed them up.  We have never seen a case as bizarre and stupid as this case is.

It seems as if someone is thinking about what can I do to mess with these people to stir the pot.  Can these people think that they are going to financially break those who dared tell the truth?  This seems to be a ridiculous case of trying to make believe our previous sheriff is as pure as the driven snow.

Our previous sheriff is a little bit more slippery than the pure driven snow.  She has been sliding for the past eight years.

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