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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Feelin' down but not out

We greatly appreciate all our get well-wishers. We have come a long way together since October 2015. 
During the time we established the blog, the whistleblower had a difficult setback. Family tragedy is a difficult pill to swallow but you have to handle your hardships with grace, honor, and humor. 

During 2016 we continued to post daily. As we dug deeper into the activities of the SO’s office, those in power within the SO and an ex-ALEA Officer knew they had to do something and do it fast. An illegal search warrant was prepared for Warden Bradley’s home and the whistleblower’s office. Life was good for the sheriff. Finally, she would shut down the whistleblowers and her wicked ways could continue unreported.  She did not understand the power of the people from the sheriff's office, the whistleblowers, and help from the public. She didn’t see it coming. 

The whistleblower filed a lawsuit and submitted a request to return her illegally seizure of her equipment.  Billable Barney claiming the state had the IT equipment but then had to admit that he could deliver the equipment to the whistleblower by 12 noon. How many lies did Billable tell in one court setting? Billable sure didn’t want the court to proceed that day. The question is why? His clients were guilty as sin and there were some there to ready to testify. Poor Billable was shot down. Now he is a subject. To date, the whistleblower has not gotten some of her property back. Warden Bradley has received none of his property back. 

More importantly, no punishment has come to any of the accused. Absolutely Nothing. The ex-ALEA agent allegedly spent weekends in jail and all his felonies were dropped and he was punished for a mere misdemeanor. To date, we have not seen anything happen to John Vinegoni for his part in the Title Mart scheme. Could it be that law enforcement is taking care of their own? Is anybody looking at any of those proven to be corrupt? We may never see these thugs arrested and charged with the things they did. Look!  It’s been 3 years! 

We have personally suffered at the hands of these thugs. Who cares? Sometimes it seems like nobody. Awww! But wait! There are some who cared. For example, Judge Thompson did not like being lied to. He took action and kicked butt. Yet! Still, these thugs are walking around. We hear one of the thugs bought a house in Lawrence County. Another one is a dead beat dad. What a coward. Go get some of your cash out of storage. All claim to have better jobs than what the SO paid. That may be true but only if you deduct all the overtime, lack of time actually on the job, and no access to rodeo funds. Will they be punished? Doubt it at least not legally but karma is a bitch that tends to slap us in the face. Is it worth it to sell your soul to the devil for riches on earth? Never. Yet that happens a lot. These particular souls came dirt cheap.  As you walk through your daily life on earth you will forever be looking over your shoulders waiting for that tap and a voice saying 'come with me'.

In the meantime, the rest of us can take heart.

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  1. Sad but true. It is doubtful that anybody cares.