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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Can you blame her?

Blogger Comments:  Can you blame Franklin?  We sure don't.  We believe that there is probably a lot of information in that report that Franklin doesn't want to be rehashed.  Especially the inmate food funds.  Trying to get the public to believe that a person didn't know how to file their taxes is hard to swallow.  Especially since the sheriff had an accounting firm preparing documents for the SO.  The words "I didn't know what to do, and I didn't file."  Folks, our previous sheriff owned businesses before becoming sheriff to include a gym.  The IRS has a help desk for questions just like this.  How about a call to H&R Block.

Please take the time to go on the Decatur Daily's Facebook and read how some of the citizens feel about some of the issues.

Many folks believe that the previous sheriff has gotten away with a lot of the things she has done since becoming the sheriff in 2011.  It is had to believe that she will ever pay for the things she has done to others, the citizens of MC, and employees and staff of the sheriff's office.

The question is would we receive the same treatment that the previous sheriff has received.  We doubt it.  We doubt the ex-sheriff gets any time for her dirty deeds and will pay a small fine.

Since the presentencing report includes information on the defendant's "history and characteristics", we do not blame them for not wanting the public to see that information.

Debate over former Morgan sheriff's presentence report to be secret

A debate about the fairness of a presentence investigation report, designed to assist a judge in sentencing former Morgan County Sheriff Ana Franklin, will take place in secret.


  1. I don't believe this should be a secret. The public deserves to know what happened to their tax payer money as well as FEDERAL money. May the higher ups make the right decisions in this matter.

  2. I've spoke with several Morgan County residents and they are furious about having her stealing of funds sealed. That's 100% BS