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Friday, March 22, 2019

Smart 911 isn't it worth it?

Blogger Comments:  There are a lot of changes in the works for Morgan County.  We can only hope that we are able to obtain the Enhanced 911 for our county.  Take time to click on the URL below to find out more.  We have pushed for years for a consolidated 911.  Our previous sheriff said no need to consolidate the program because she was the fox in the hen house.  It was all about control, manipulating, and hiding things that she didn't want out.

Sheriff Puckett saw the advantages of transferring the sheriff's office dispatch to our 911 center.  Having a consolidated well working 911 system benefits all of us.  The entire county was under 911 dispatch with the exception of the sheriff's office.  

The previous sheriff spent approximately $500,000.00 to enhance her pet projects instead of looking at the information technology infrastructure in place that was antiquated and should have been upgraded.

There are some concerns, tho.  Privacy for one.  We've seen what promises of security happened with Facebook, Twitter, Wells Fargo etc.  OTOH most of our/your information is 'out there' anyway.  Another concern is cell phones.  Many of us have dropped landlines in favor of cellular.  Is there a compatibility problem?  And also keeping information current.  Lots of folks change their phones about as often as they change their socks.  Lots to think about.

BUT, since we have many first responders among our readers, what do you all, as potential users, think of the program?  Let us know.

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