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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Pandora's Box - What happens in Falkville stays in Falkville - Really? UPDATE!!

In the little sleepy town of Falkville, Alabama a Pandora's Box has been opened.  Chief Chris Free has been placed on administrative leave.  We have been expecting this to happen for days.  What will the Falkville City Council do?  Will they vote to replace Free?  What about the mayor who sent a man white powder in an envelope.  We do not recall how this case was adjudicated.  However, we know it happened.

Who will take the wheel for Free?  That is anybody's guess.  We expect the city council will be twirling their pearls with no clue what to do next.

Really! Is Falkville that backward that our city council cannot resolve these issues, along with the mayor, and the fire department.  What the heck.  Who are these folks over the city council that cannot make command decisions?  Grow up! It is March 5, 2019.

This BS reminds me of this song.

UPDATE: and Channel 19 have picked up the story but have added nothing new.  Here's Ashley Remkus:

The police chief of a small town in north Alabama is on leave pending the findings of a federal investigation.
The Falkville Town Council voted unanimously Monday night to put Chief Chris Free on paid administrative leave.
“There’s an ongoing FBI investigation that has been underway for many, many months,” said Larry Madison, the town’s attorney. Madison said he couldn’t comment on the nature of the investigation.
Free didn’t immediately return a call from seeking comment.
Falkville is a small town along Interstate 65 in Morgan County. Located about 60 miles north of Birmingham, the town has about 1,200 residents.
Madison said the Town Council voted to put Free on administrative leave as a precaution.
“Everybody in town knows about it (the FBI probe) and they’re asking about it,” Madison said. “The town has found no wrongdoing whatsoever.”
Mayor Ken Winkles said he couldn’t disclose details of the investigation. Pending further action of the council, Free will keep his full salary and benefits while he’s on leave.
“This is not saying the chief is guilty or innocent,” Winkles said.
An FBI spokesman declined to comment. is seeking more information through a public records request.


  1. So! In regards to this...a close friend of Mr. Free, also a cop, decides to get on a public forum to attack a morgan county citizen for making a comment. You know who you are! That behavior is unbecoming of an officer. If you are acting this way on social media, as a citizen, im concerned about the way you conduct yourself in uniform. Eye opening!

    1. I saw that and thought the same. Don't know if Free has done anything but he doesn't need supporters like that. Just ask look at who this person has supported in the past and how they did not get elected in part because of the behavior of supports like this.

    2. Your absolutely right. What he posted was just a small sliver of who he really is and what sheriff he came out from under. It must be a battle trying to conduct yourself the way a real deputy should when your stuck with habits Ana let you get away with.
      Not sure who this deputy thinks he is, but he is definitely not helping Mr. Free.

  2. Free is dirty for sure. So is Winkle. He was a cop in Falkville years ago. Free hasn’t done anything that Winkle hasn’t done. The reason you keep getting these POS is because Falkville is controlled by one family. It’s like Falkville is a privately owned town under full control of one family. I’ll seems as if the only people hired is under there control.